Marriage Torture and Cruelty

Hi sir, I wanted your legal advice. i was married 2 years ago on July 4, 2014. No child is born out of the wedlock. i came to knew my husband and his mother had hid the fact that he is a gay a year back. Because of my husbands repeated assurances and pleads, I gave him a year time to change but he is still carrying on with his gay activities. She frequently stays out of home for the entire night and keeps his phone and laptop very secretive. All my marriage jewellery and money were taken away by my mother-in-law and my salary was also taken away by her. She has also tortured me physically and used to be very abusive. My husband and my mother-in-law used to keep asking me to get stuffs from my mother and used to make derogatory remarks on my looks. They also threatened me that if I say anything at home, they will taint my character and that my husband will commit suicide and put the blame on me. Now that it has become unbearable I have come back to my parents place, but my husband and in-laws have not let me bring even one pair of clothes with me. All my valuables are in my mpother-in-laws custody. Sir, can you please advice.