Staying separate for 3 years - want legal divorce

I am staying separate from my wife since 3 years ,I decided for divorce coz she got married for abroad she want to come here after I said I'm coming back India she start fight with me on call and in India with my family and she left my house I got married on 18th August 2013 I came back in uk 24th August 2013 , we lived together 6 days in between that time we had so many fight & I came Back in uk we had so many fights on the call last time we spoke with each other on 8th October 2013 after that she changed her contact number.she was abusive & didn't want me to call my family Now, I want a legal separation. Since 3 years My family tried to contacting with my wife & her family but they dont respond to phone calls or messeges What should be my course of action? Is there any low after 3 years we automatic divorced Or is that possible to get divorce from abroad I applied for visa and I can't travel right now they taking long time for visa application I got recording prof and messages as well I don't want to pay alimony or maintenance, just a legal divorce.