Employer didn't pay the salary

Hi! I worked for a company which is not a PVT. LTD., I was to call different offices to make sales lead for registration for ISO, BSI, FSSIA, Hallmark, Trademark etc. I also didn't get the proper appointment letter, the appointment letter only mentions the target I have to complete every month to get the salary (salary is also mentioned on the same letter). In the first month I got the salary for approx 1 weeks which I worked but that was also paid very late. Post that I didn't receive my salary for the second month in which I was able to meet the target and supposed to get incentives as well. Initially the owner informed me it would be delayed by a week. After a week he stopped coming to office and office used to be closed. He stopped answering my call as well. Later on when I text him he said he need more time. Finally I gave and ask for a last date to get the salary. He promised me the date but he didn't give me the salary on that day as well. Finally when I told him that if I don't get the salary I will report it to Police and File a case as well, he sent me a text stating he has terminated my services. Also, told me to report it to police or labor court and he will deal with it. I have my colleague as well, however, he asked her to come to office and he would give her 50% salary and she can leave. Please suggest what should I do.