Temporary Registration issue!

Hi, Thanks for taking your time out to read my case and respond. I had bought the New Endeavour 2016 and got delivery of it on 02 June 2016. I was given a Temp. Registration. at that time. Since the Hon. SC had banned all registrations in Delhi-NCR it was agreed with the dealer that in case the SC does not revoke the decision within 1 month, the period for the Temp. Regn. Expiry, the dealer would give another extension of 1 month. In case the SC does not withdraw its order even after two months, then I shall, through the dealership or on my own get the vehicle registered in some other state and the dealership will assist me for that. On 03 July I got an extension for the TR for 1 more month. At the time of the 1st (this) extension the dealer did not tell me about any additional costs or any risk/liabilities. The Hon. SC had not withdrawn its order by 2nd Aug 2016. However, there was enough indication that it was on the verge of doing so. My 1st extension of the TR had expired. I requested the dealership if they can extend it for another month. The dealership then explained me that while on TR I run all the risks including insurance risks. They said that in case I want the 2nd extension I will have to write to them that I will be assuming all risks. I wrote them an email to that effect. But then they refused to extend my TR. I stopped using my vehicle as I did not have even a valid TR. The Hon. SC finally withdrew its ban order I the 2nd week of Aug 2016. I immediately approached the dealership for ensuring my permanent registration at the earliest. The dealership informed me that I will have to pay a penalty @? 1460 per day since the expiry of my original TR period. I.e since 03 July 2016. I have contested this because the dealership never informed me of this additional cost/penalty. If they had I would have got it registered in some other state. Request guidance in; 1. What is the legally correct position, do I need to pay these additional costs? 2. What can the dealership do to help me? Many thanks once again