Name problem on bank cheque

Hello sir/madam, I am a governament employee working as primary school teacher in telangana state governament. I recently received my providentfund cheque from govt of telangana on my name "yasa Parvathamma" and I went to bank to clear the cheque. But, now the bank manager doesn't want to clear my cheque because my bank account name (Dayam Parvathamma) is different from the name on my cheque. yes, there is difference in my name and this is only be cause I got my job before marriage. So my name in all my job related records is known as " yasa Parvathamma". Apart from that all my bank accounts and ID proofs such as Adhar card and Pan card are known as "Dayam parvathamma. I have explained these details to the bank manager and also showed her my ID proofs and even submitted a notary for name difference. But the bank manager did not accept my request and she want me to get a new cheque with same name as in bank records. My problem is that my MEO ( Mandal Educational Officer) cannot issue a new cheque with "Dayam Parvathamma" as name on it as my job record name is "yasa Parvathamma" and my bank don't want to clear the cheque with "yasa Parvathamma" name on it as my bank record name is "Dayam Parvathamma". I would like to request you to suggest me a solution (if posible a permanent solution so that this problem may not come in future) for this problem. I would be very grateful to you, if you could suggest me solution. Thank you Dayam Parvathamma