Hi, I am a HIndu male. I was married in India and my Ex was a naturalized US citizen. I moved to the USA where we had a daughter. My Ex and I are divorced now and my daughter is now over 18 years of age. However, I have little or no connection with my daughter due to the severity of my divorce and my Ex's denial to visitation throughout my daughters growing years. I am still an Indian Citizen and plan to move back to India soon due to lack of any family ties here, and the fact that my mother is getting very old now. I have three married sisters in India and ancestral property in India including a city house. I do not wish to have any of the property in India to be passed on to my Ex or my daughter, as they have only exhibited complete lack of empathy during all these years. Will writing a will ensure that none of my property in India will ever be inherited by by daughter from her? What other steps should I take to ensure that they do not get any of this property? Their hope to grab the property will be purely motivated by greed, to sell it, as they have never bothered to visit India, or be in touch with my family here. Thanks. Aditya