Eviction of tenant

We live abroad and rented out property in bangalore to a family on 11 month tenancy agreement. this agreement is 11 months period and hence not registered. the original tenancy agreement was retained by the tenant and i have xerox copy of the same.the tenant didnt pay any rent till 3rd month since occupying, but paid only one month at the end of 3rd month, and continued to default paying rent. hence we sent him a legal notice for which he didnt respond. after several legal notice it went to civil court and he didnt receive 6 summons sent by court, so my advocate got permission from the court to publish in local news paper for ex-party decision after which tenant came to the court and given written statement that there is no such tenancy agreement (although we have xerox copy signed by him), and he paid 25 lakh and we have agreed to sell the property. there is no single document signed by me regarding this and he has not paid 25lakh nor there is an agreement with him to prove this. but there is proof of the bank cheque deposited by him for rental advance (4 lakh) and one month rent paid in to my bank by him. the dispute has reached evidence stage in which judge is asking us to prove that there was tenancy agreement between us (we have xerox copy) and we have to prove we lose mesne profit etc. tenancy has agreed we are the owner of the property, but is arguing he is the buyer of the property. please advise how we can evict him as my advocate is not fast enough despite offering amount if he wins this case soon, it has been 3 year since tenant has occupied and the arrears is two times more than advance paid