Dear Sir, My brother has lend sum of Rs.9,50,000/- approx inr value as per amount lend in aed dubai currency to his friend in Dubai. As both of them are working in Dubai all transaction in Dubai done. His friend has issue cheque to my brother in full but cheque has been return fund insuffient reason. There after a police complaint in Dubai filed and court case for recovery file also done. His friend has spend 3 mths in jail in Dubai and left to india. The only thing came to from police report from passport detail.(Xerox of passport has been submitted to court of dubai) Now I would like to know is:- 1.)can a recovery suit can be filled in india for transaction of lending amount done in Dubai. 2.) How to know that the person is available in India or left some other country. What is the procedure to find out. 3.) I myself settle in Chennai. But my brother friend as per passport address is ranchi and ranchi passport issued. (A) if a suit filed or any police complaint filed where to file ranchi or Chennai. Kindly guide me from the above mention question. Thank you Gupta