Threat in future (how to handle the below problem)

Dear Sir, I am Kalyan, i did MBA and working in Bangalore. My Problem is my aunty (My fathers elder brothers wife). My father is farmer and my uncle is retired govt employee. They are financially very strong, we are poor. we have 5 acres of cultivated lands. She wanted to occupy that land legally. For that she started blackimailing me and my father. If i go to marriage proposals, she will find girls parents contacts and she will tell them about me, that i am not a good character. Her two sons are working in America. she purchased many lands in Kadapa city. She has good contacts with local police people. One day i went police station to give a complaint on her. She paid money to them and she made them to write riverse case on me. They beaten me 2 times. i felt i cant handle her and i was quiet. Even in my village, everyone will support her. she completely targerted to spoil my life. Can i file a case directly in the court?. Please advice me what to do. It would be great and appreciated.