Harassment to doctor

My sister is an Ayurveda doctor in one of the private clinics and was delivering good results. However, the marketing area guy used to come to the clinic and create various kind of hindrances in the work. To quote one, he said that why there is a bell in doctor’s cabin for calling a compounder as this is not allowed to which my sister responded that it’s not feasible to go out to the compounder to hand him over the prescription to him after every patient is checked, so they have installed the bell and was approved in one of the audits. He removed the batteries from the bell. There were many incidences which due to which the internal staff of the hospital also started disobeying her. In the course of her service, there were 1 or 2 cases in which patients came to her with multiple organ failure and having no chance of survival. She informed the staff that she cannot give medicines to such patients as they will only deteriorate their health and is against medical ethics. The management responded that no patient should go without prescription and prescribe medicine to everyone. The marketing area guy continued to create hindrances in the work, due to which she reported the matter to the higher authorities and the higher authorities called her for across the table meeting in the head office. On her visit they informed her that you refused giving prescription to two patients which caused a huge monetary loss to us due to which we are terminating you and criminal case will be filed against you. She did her job ethically and they are scaring her with the fear of criminal suit. They told her to resign to which she refused and they told her to resign in one day. Please let me know what are recourses available to her. Can they file a case against her? Can we file a case for harassment and ill treatment? If yes, please let me know the available actions. A quick response is highly appreciated. Thanks.