my wife do not want to come at my home

Hi Sir my name is Anuj Pal. my age is 24 years recently i got married on 28th may 2016. Few days ago i got to know that my wife is in relationship with other person, and i have got a call recording as a prof of it. when i conferm with her than she told me ownself that she is in relationship with another person, and she committ me that she will not continue that relation with him and she will live with me. but she is living at her parental home and making excuse to come back. neither she denie to come back nor she is coming with me. she is making excuse that she is doing MBBS form there so she is living at her parental home but she is not doing MBBS regularly so i am thingking that she making excuse to me. and i found that there are few person who is misguiding her against me. her beloved, One doctor of her college, and mediator who was in between our relation. whatever they told to my wife she does as according. In between i told her that come back or else i will take action against that person(her beloved) then she denie to take any action against him. then i said to my wife just leave your parental home and come to my home as soon as possible. now finally she gave me 20th aug 2016 that she will come only with me. and my mail id is ([deleted]) Now i am confused. I think that she dont want to live with me as she is always making excusing for coming back. my parents are also agree to accept her as before. But my concern is that if she denie to come back what action can I take against her for safety purpose. and if i divorce her what action they can take against me. they might file a dowry case against me as in this senerio this is a comman thing. Please suggest me what should i do . i am having alot of confusion. I have to go at her home on 20th aug.2016 and there i have to take any dicision. so please advice me befor 20th aug 2016