Father's property partition for son

Sir, My name is Ravi in Hyderabad. My father was retired Bank Employee.I have one brother and one sister.My sister got married in 2004 and was given dowry of Rs 5 lac. I am an employee since 1996 and i got married in 2004. All these years i have spent 75% of my salary towards home needs. My father retired in 2008 and he took all his retirement benifits at a time not opting for pension. He was with me till 2012 and later went to his native place where my brother lives. He settled the properties that as i belong to telengana i should take individual house of 300 Sq yards and the remaining andhra property goes to my brother.The difference of valuation is Rs 5 lac which I should give to my brother. I gave him 5 lac and a gift deed of house was done on condition that I have to look after them both medically and financiallly on my name in Sep-15. From Nov -14 I am giving maintenance amount of Rs 9000/month to my parents. Now the valuation of the house has increased so my father started asking to cancel the gift deed from 02/16. He filed a civil suit in 04/16 and in RDO office under maintenance act2007 to cancel the gift deed. The RDO without hearing my version and the bank receipts of maintenance amount given since 2014. he passed an order to give Rs 10,000/- towards maintenance which I am already giving and cancel the gift deed.The gift is cancelled now. He is having fixed deposits of Rs 40 lac approx with him. My brother was given 1/2 acre coconut bagh through gift deed which was on my grandmothers name. My father also withdrawn 20 lac fixed deposit and purchased one cocunut bagh on my brothers son name. Now he is saying I am going to give only 40% of the amount when the house is sold out which was gifted by me. Sir, can I have file partition suit against my father in the court as I have invested more than 15 lac in the combined property. Kindly advice me Thanq sir