IPC 420,406 & 34

My father was arrested by the Police on 14th June 2016 for the offenses IPC 406, 420 and 34 by two prosecutors. There are total 6 accuses, out of which 3 are in the judicial custody ( including my father- Director of the company, a lady agent and her husband) My sister - Director of the company, her husband and an agent are outside as they are underground. (1) Lower court granted the remand of my father for two days investigation purpose and in investigation All three accuses who are in judicial custody including my father were rejected with their bail application by the lower court. (2) Outside compromise with the 2 FIR prosecutors. (3) Bail rejection at sessions court saying that the accuses have started to take the prosecutors/witnesses in favor and taking our route of compromise negatively. And IO submitted about more victims/witnesses in their affidavit to the sessions court. (4) Outside compromise with the victims/witnesses raised by IO in the sessions court. (5) Quashing at High court for the FIR on the basis of 2 FIR prosecutors compromise. In the first date IO was not called to the HC for the hearing. But due to one doubt, the IO was called by the PP in the second date. In the second date, the IO said that his investigation is in process.So we had to withdraw the quashing application at this stage-before the charge sheet. ( please note here that in the first hearing, we have called both the prosecutors and assumed that IO would not be called and it was done the same, but due to one doubt, IO was called) (6) Now as per my findings, in the offenses IPC 420, 406 and 34, the IO has to submit the charge sheet on or before 60 days but till today he has not submitted the charge sheet. (7) My father is a heart patient (angioplasty), Obese (120 kg with & 5'1" height), patient of facial palsy (paralysis on one side of face), arthritis ( a knee problem and so cant even walk properly, not more than 5-10 mins), patient of diabetes and 57 years old person. He is frequently complaining about suffocation, chest pain and the blur vision and he was sent to the civil hospital by the jailer. Now the IO has not yet submitted the charge sheet also yet even after 60 days. And we have also doubt that he might have got more witnesses. Someone please advise me how to proceed further to come out of these all.