Termination From Govt. Service Within One Year Probation Period.

I was a Govt. officer (Probationer) serving under one year probation in a state Govt. Autonomous Body (PSU) against a regular sanctioned post. While I was discharging my duties as per the duty office orders, on 10th month of my service, surprisingly when I was on leave, the appointing authority vindictively have terminated my service with immediate effect on un-satisfactory performance ground (before completion of one year probation period) by transferring to my account one month salary in lieu of one month notice period which was a condition in my appointment letter. I was on medical leave when they issued such termination order. Since I was on medical leave and could not receive their Termination Order, they publically advertised in multiple leading news papers referring such Termination letter with some bad accusations/ charges which will affect my future career. The charges are "you have deliberately tried to avoid to accept the order of termination of your probation as Dy. Director" and "you have not furnished your present place of residence to this office". The fact that I have never changed my residence and I had no idea that they have terminated me as I was on medical leave and many times I was visiting Doctors from same residence for my speed recovery and other tests. Plz. note that same authorities were annoyed and planning to through me out as I could not meet their personal desire/requirement, which was illegal in nature. Our service regulations with specific rules for probationers on regular employment says, Clause-C: In case of unsatisfactory performance the probation period may be extended further in installments for another year. Clause-D: Authority may terminate probationer's service by giving one month notice period without showing any reason and no compensation shall be paid. Please note that even there is a clear above service rules available, in the appointment letter, authority had added arbitrarily a sentence at the time of appointment "your appointment is purely temporary and terminable at any time with one month notice period", which is contradicting Clause-D above though they have referred Clause-D and terms of appointment letter at a time in the termination news publications. Further Clause-C & Clause-D are independent clauses in the service regulation book and not either/ or under a single clause. Please advice me what is the merit of the case in legal forum? My question is: (1) can the appointing authority terminate me with immediate effect by paying one month salary though there is no such provision in service regulations and appointment letter? (2) can the employer publically charge/derogate me that I have deliberately avoided to receive their letter and I have not intimated them my new residence address when the fact is otherwise? Plz. note that I have no other source of income except monthly salary which has been stopped now due to this termination news. I can not get back my previous job as I had resigned earlier after getting this job. It's urgent to get response from the concerned stake holders. Please advise. Regards to all.