Maintenance Issue

I have filed domestic violence case/maintenance case against my husband last year which includes: 1. Adultery (which he did commit though i have no evidence apart from the fact that I caught him red handed with the girl), 2. mental harassment - the entire family pushed me and my mother out of the house when we had gone to talk to them as per their request in Mar 2015 3. Child support and settlement. He has so far agreed to Rs. 15000 per month for my son (this was interim amount approved by the judge and now this guy refuses to increase the amount), Santro Car (I took a car when i got married which he sold to buy a bigger car- accent, in 2013), and the last is house - Bought by the two of us in 2010. It's a joint property. Emi goes from his account. I had helped in the down payment and it was mutually agreed that he will pay the emi and I will take care of the household expenses. In mediation, he had offered to sell the house but not increase the 15k even as per inflation for the child which is why the mediation failed. Now he is refusing to sell the house and wants his parents to live in the property till they are alive. I had asked him to pay the 50% share of mine, to which he says he doesnt have money. He has agreed to name his share towards the child but wants to live in the house with his parents till the child turns 18. The child is 4 year old. I am confused as to what needs to be done. Currently i am not working because i left work in 2012 because of my child. Please advice.