Wife cheated financially & went to maiden threatening for slander

Within 5 weeks of marriage wife ran to maiden stating need to go for Rakhi & after her reaching there her mother calls up stating that we didn't feed her meal & that's why she escaped which is utter nonsense. She made sure that she ran with all the jewelries and baggage without showing anything of dissatisfaction or unhappiness throughout 5 weeks. She being their last daughter out of 3 and was the only earning person before marrying to me. They even used abusive words to me, threatening me with slander in community. Despite her having freedom to wear anything what she want, eat out, use phone & each and everything what any decent family would have offered to their daughter she did this to me me. She is even not coming on phone to even talk to me for no reason. I beg of you to suggest me something that will resolve this issue. I can't see my life being ruined like this and worried parents around me. I belong to a decent middle class family with cultured members, an honest person being cheated by wife who took full disadvantage of me being simple and straight. Could you please guide me through this?