Division of property

We have a small piece of ancestral land and house. in our village in Mandya, Karnataka. my grandfather died 18 years ago and my grandmother 2 weeks back. we are 4 children eldest sister and 3 brothers me being d youngest. we were living together till 5 years back when we divided all property among us informally and wrote it on a white paper and signed it in front of a few elderly people of our village. but did not get it divided and registered legally. my property was also being looked after by my second brother from past 5 years. now when I asked him to get the property divided, registered and khata done legally between all 3 of us, he refused saying let it stay like this only. he also told he will not allow us to get it divided legally. I feel he is doing so because he fears that I will take away my land after getting it registered as he wants my land too. I and d eldest brother are ready to get the procedure done but d second brother is not. the property is still in the name of my grandfather and he hadn't made any will before dying. I wanted to know if we two brothers can get d property registered leaving the 2nd brother based on the white paper with division details which has been signed by all? does that paper have any value legally? considering the fact that going by court on this matter will be expensive especially compared to relatively small property that each of us will be getting after division, is there any way it can be done with minimal cost and hassles. kindly give your valuable opinion. we are Hindus by religion. since it's still in our late father's name what are the things to be done further?