Bieng Harrased by my Parents repeatedly with out any reason- Plea

I am a 41 years old man.I work in an MNC. Since my childhood I have been harrased by parents perticularly by mother with out any specific reason.She used physically beat me and yell at me in public. Once my mother starts and my father also joins her. Days passed into week and week into years but it never stopped. I tried to ignore it many times but now it is beyond my threshold. I was married but now divorced and the reason is my parents.They created so much comotion that we could not consumate the marriage. Voraciously verbally abusing me in person and in public.I want to go out of house and live separately but they would allow me. They have an grudge against me for reason best known to them.They eavesdrop and always invade my privacy. Now I am trying to give marriage a second chance. I am in relationship with a girl and want to marry her. My parents took her number from my mobile phone and called her and voraciously abused her and threatened her to break the relationship with me. I came to know about all this things from the girl.I donot want any thing from my parents and lead my life independently.Please advise me of a way out so that my parents stop harrasing me and I lead my life on my terms.