Domestic violence (emotional,verbal & psychological)

Dear Sir I'm 32. 6yr back got married in a well settled family.. when the mediator approched my mother he has given good thoughts about the family.. my mother met my in-laws & being mis guided about the business & income of my spouse... I was earning good amount that time from my job but since the day i came to this house they started asking me to leave my job or else get separate from in-laws..My husband doesn't want to leave separately as he was not earning a single penny that time so he also asked me to leave my job..under pressure i left my job & get indulge in household work..But then after my daughter birth my In-laws started doing mental torture on me as they wanted a male child now they started putting wrong allegations sometime of stealing money or jewellery.. not only this they started making my bad image in front of neighbours relatives n friends... i tried adjusting always but now I'm getting mentally sick & because of this ive loose my confidence my personality can't even think of any betterment ... now they r not only torturing verbally but also sometime asked to leave the house...plz advice if i could get any help from law..