Marriage certificate address change

Hello, I got married in 2015 in Amritsar Punjab. I am an indian citizen but a permanent residency holder of Spain and my husband an indian citizen living in India. We gave the address of my parent's home in India as my address, without knowing if it was importsnt to state the spanish one. The Spanish Embassy rejected my husband visa saying that the marriage certificate doesn't contain foreign address so it is not correct in all aspects. We applied for the change in Amritsar Tehsil and we were issued with a seperate sheet of paper saying "corrigendum certificate" and it says that in marriage certificate register num xxxx of date xxxx, the bride address may be read as....". He has submitted that certificate in Embassy along with marriage certificate, but the girl on reception has told him that "it would be better if the correction was written right on the marriage certificate and not on a separate certificate. Previously, we had already asked our Tehsil to do it that way but the clerk there told us that it is only done by separate document but we've seen that in some other cities corrections are made right on the same marriage certificate. Now, my question is which is the right way to issue a correction. Because if the way we have been issued a certificate is acceptable by indian law, the Embassy can't deny to accept it as well. We'll be in a big trouble in other case. Thanks!