Married but removed by in laws

I vinita nikhil mirchandani got married to him on 12 feb 2013 and had affair with him for two years before marriage my parents where against to our marriage so nikhil parents got us married in khar ram mandir temple .and made and affidavit but till date have not got marriage registered.hardly after 1 Month my mother in law started telling me to give divorce to nikhil .they forced me to go on work and pay an amount in home as my rent and food I was made to pay my doctors fee and take care of my travelling expenses..last year on 24 th may 2015my father in law hit me and I was very sick and malnutrition and under weight.when my in law hit me my sister came with me to police station and as per their suggestion my sister took me to government hospital where I came to know I have tb .till date they have not came at my home when I go there they say no need to come my husband says that marriage is not legal and the paper was made by his father's frnd has no lead value and say u will get married to some one else as my parents are supporting me .they are not alowing me at home have told watchmen not to allowme to enter in bldg.they tell my dad that they call and say when to send me at their hom bt nit now and give reas9n like some one is sick .he say he will give me divorce and his parents have hired lawyer and also have big connections .he will go out of india and get married he told me in video chat .my dad is not that financially strong.I want that he cannot go any where out of mumbai and they take me at home .I don't want to give him divorce .pls reply me soon as need to do somethis before he gets married.he say everyone that he have given me divorce and is single and searching new girls .