Surrounding Farmers are not allow me to enter into my Farm.

Myself, Mr. Sureshbhai Ambalal Patel, I am farmer, I am residing in Village-Bhayapura, Post- Dholar, Taluka-Dabhoi, Dist.-Vadodara. I would like to inform you that one of my Farm land situated in Bhayapura village and its survey no.99. Right now our farming activities are totally stuck because of our Farm surrounding all the Farm s owners is not allowed me to enter into my Farm for doing farming related activities with farming vehicles via from their Farm s borders (End tip of the Farms). Last so many years, approximately more than 40-50 years we are passed/ entered into our Farm via from Farm s border (Gada Chilo road from) of Mr. Arvindbhai Chhitabhai Patel s farm for farming activities with farming vehicles and its old Survey No. 101 and now new Survey No. 101/B/Paiki 1. But now he also not allows us and told me that this is not your road for move farming vehicles for your farming activities and road also not showing on MAP. Please see the attached MAP and see in most of the survey number road not shown in MAP, all Farms are connected each other. Even after Mr. Arvindbhai Patel doesn’t pass to me via his farm to my farm for farming activities with farming vehicles. Now I have no other way or no any alternate road (Gada chilo road) to enter into my farm with farming vehicles for doing farming activities. My farming activities are totally stuck because I cannot enter into my Farm with farming vehicle. I have also taken a crop loan on this Farm but it is very difficult for me to pay this loan now. Farming is only one source of my income and my life, without farming it became very difficult for me to survive my day to day life, and my family also in trouble. Here all my surrounding farmers are intentionally creating problems for me and that way they are creating situation for me to sell off my Farm land, that’s why they all of are creating problem for me only. In light of the above description, please provide me the following information: I want information that in such case If any farmer have a Farm in middle of the other farm and surrounding farm s owner can stop farmer (those farmer have a farm in middle of the other farms) to enter into his farm for farming activities? 1) The rules and regulations for entering a farm which in the middle of other farms. A copy of such rules. 2) The contact details of the responsible department/officials in Vadodara as well as in Dabhoi sevasadan whom I can contact. 3) The process to apply for a road to my farm. 4) The documents required for the same.