Illegal building damaging adjacent houses.

Varanasi Development Authority(VDA) and Builder both together are responsible for the damages of our houses. Houses are damaged severely, big cracks on floor and all walls, even damaged the foundation of my house. the touched side of the house caved in for 1 to 2 inches due to adjacent 6 story new under-construction in our colony which is unlawfully driven against passed map in VDA on just 2700 sq.ft. area, leaving all legal aspects at one corner and im sure their are many more reason for such conduct. I have complaint it to VDA for so long but lazy VDA took action lately due to senior authorities in biased way helping builders to complete their project. I guess like VDA took huge amount(bribe) from developer because VDA helping out of the way to builders giving trick n tips to save their illegal building, Leaving us in huge problem which is becoming danger day by day. VDA IS FULL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR DAMAGE AND PROBLEM WE ARE FACING FROM THESE BUILDERS because we were complaining since so long and informing the immorality we were facing. Plz guide us soon to help us rid of this severe problem and make our life safe.