Confession of filling wrong case?

Me and my gf secreately got married in arya samaj mandir and after marrage we decided to go to our home and try to convince our parents as her parents was againt our relation when they get to know about our marrige they shut her in her room after my parents and i tried alot to talk to her parents but they never shown intrest in talking to us after trying 1 month i filled a complaint againt her parents but the girl refused to come with me they all lied to her about me and told her that i took her parents to the police station all that so under the influence of her parents she refused after seeing that my parents filed a case of section 9 bcoz i this girl can refuse under the influence of her parents so might be she could file a wrong case against me but our lawyer said the we cant file a case for this situation so we applied that the girl came to our house she demanded to live seprate from parents but i refused then she left to her parents house and now her parents are not allowing us to meet her and under the her parents making her against me and she is asking for divorce i want to ask that is our lawer saying the truth that we cant file a case against this situation and what if i confess in front of judge that this was not the real case we cant case a file against this situation so we filed this? Please answer.