Need help for divorce

Respected Lawyers, Thank you for starting this forum and helping people like us. I got married in October, 2015, my husband never showed interest in me like he is not at all bothered about my needs at his home, my feelings(how a newly married couple want to be) he used to behave like a stranger living in the same home. my parents got to know that im unhappy with him and questioned him about his behavior, he always didnt give a proper reply to me or my parents, in reverse he abused me and said do whatever you want i will not change and be the same. in February my parents came to his home and discussed his behavior with his family members, after the family discussion they gave us privacy to sought out the problems among us. he used all the abused word to me as i pointed him before everyone and said that im character less girl, he marriage me without dowry and done a great favor to me, my mother begged him to marry me, he is not having feelings for me and this non-sense stuff. i really got fed up with him and thought of leaving with my parents when i was about to leave his family scolded him and he said don't leave now give me some time.i stayed and said him if this behavior repeats i'll leave but he is the same again, in this time he used to force me in nights to have sex without my interest and gave me mental torcher. i called my brother and said the things happened so he came to my in-laws home to take me, my husband done a big drama, he shouted in front of my brother, he has thrown my things, bags and challenged me i'll see how u will leave now, somehow got out from the home and went to my parents with my brother. so i left him in February. i got afraid and didnt file any case against him at that time. for 2 to 3 months discussions went on in our families, he came to my parents home thrice and said very casually come back this wont repeat, i cant believe his words and go with him. im waiting for the one year completion of marriage he don't want to give divorce as his promotion depends on me(if i stays with him then only his brother helps him in getting promoted), he wants me to stay with him just for his mothers and extended family sake to keep up his family status. my weakness related to case are:i dont have proofs of his harassment and my parents are worried if he files any case against me that i left with my brother to my home and secondly his brother works for high court and he works for district court though both of them are not lawyers they have strong back ground. i just want to get out of this marriage for which i want experts suggestions for my doubts: 1. does he have any chance to file a case against me or my parents or my brother? i dont want to trouble them 2. im just a lecturer getting 10k per month, my father is a kidney failure and heart patient and my brother expenses goes for his treatment.i think i should bear all the cost of divorce process, is there any alternative for this? 3. i want to go for mutual divorce for not wasting time and money, but he is not giving divorce, what should i do? 4.he is very smart(already working in legal domain) and behaves very nicely in front of others and makes false promises i dont want to get into his words and go back to him please help me with the questions