Do grand daughters have right on maternal grand fathers property?

Hi, My grandfather died 7 years back writing his wish on a plain paper. The will was neither registered nor stamped. He distributed his shares and debentures among his wife(my grandmother), his son (my mama), his daughter (my masi - Unmarried). He gave a minor amount hardly 1-2% of it to my mother. In addition to above he gave one house to mama and one to masi. My grandmother also passed away few months back. till my grand mother was there both the houses were in her name. She made a will, which was only signed by her and witnessed by two witness. It is neither stamped nor registered. As per her will also she has given only 1-2 % of her total shares to my mother the rest everything is been distributed among my mama and masi. As per her will, one house is to be gifted to mama and the house where she was staying with masi, is to be gifted to masi. My question is : 1. Can my mother claim any share in those two houses.? 2. Can my mother claim any share in the shares and debentures my grandfather and grandmother distributed. 3. Can I and my sister claim any share in my grandfathers houses and shares.