Gift deed rights .

My name is prasad , i have got a house in my name through partition deed in year 2003 , this house came to my mother through gift deed from her elder brother in the year 1980 who expired in 1996, it is registered in sub registrar's office in 1980 for gift deed and in 2003 for partition deed ,i have paid municipal tax till now yearly for 13 years and in the gift deed it clearly mentioned only about gift to my mother and nothing else about taking back gifted property in the event of death of recipient or anything else for any matter ,my mother expired in year 2003 hence partition deed was done by my father pertaining to my father's property ,of which some portion of property went to my only sister and some portion came to me ,of which this above mentioned house is one . I have 1)original gift deed paper 2)khata done in my mother's name paper 3)khata changed to my name from my mother;s name paper 4)13 year municipal tax paid by me receipts . My request to you sir -- 1) does my mother's brother's son have any rights on this gifted property by any means after it is clearly mentioned in gift deed about gift to mother and nothing about in the event of death of recipient . 2)i came to know that there is a law which states that a legal owner of a house when pays municipal tax for 12 years (since i have paid 12 year tax and house was in my name for 12 years and more) no other person from gift deed matter and no other person from partition deed matter have no rights on that legal tax paid person's property and cannot question in the court of law for any reason .Hence kindly give me a legal advise about does my sister through partition deed and my uncle's (mother;s brother;) son through gift deed can trouble me in future with genuine valid reason ?. -- thanking you sir -- Dr.prasad. mail-