We are married for 23 years. I was the earning member in the family. Wife wants to file a divorce saying that while I was on job, I was focussing only on work, greedy in making money, did not take care of house hold activities and not mingling with the kids up to her expectation due to stress at work. I lost my job and I am trying for a new one now. she never worked and now she got in to a small job. I am paying for family expenses from my savings. All properties were registered jointly with my wife. Some investments are on my name, some on her name and some on kid's names. We are living separately since she doesn't want to live with me any more though I want to live with my wife and kids. She is going to file a divorce. In such case how the alimony will be calculated ? 1. joint properties (all earned by my myself) 2. investments on my name, wife's name and kid's names. (all earned by myself) 3. I don't have a job now and she is working now 4. Children's education and marriage expenses