I want to express our grievance infront of you for legal advice. Our marriage have been done in 2007 as per Hindu Riti Rival. We have two children age of 8 & 1/2 yrs and 3 yrs. Sir approx 3 yrs ago my wife starts facing some difficulties in her body like skin, breathing difficulty, fevers, joint pain and her condition has continued since 3 yrs. She was admitted in AIIMS in 2015 and declared the disease that she is suffering from limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis with active ILD with hypothyroidism and hypertension. Then she was again admitted in Madanta the medicity Gurgaon due to gangrene in all the figures. Doctors of best hospitals told that there is no cure for that disease. We are facing great problem to look after our kids and no body in my/her family who can give support for long time. I am serving in Indian army. My duties are also effects my wife care. She is facing great difficulties due to above disease. Keeping in above circumstances my wife told me many times to second marriage to look after our children as well as my wife in her relationship. I told her it's not possible due to Hindu marriage rules. A man can't keep two wife's. But she told me I have no objections due to our children future. I am in trouble due to wife bed ridden and little children. Now I want to know whether it can possible to keep any one in her relationship legally . You may sent yr opinion through mail