What options are available for me?

I married an NRI software engineer in February 2016,his mother retired family court lawyer as well as lawyer sister started harassing me for not bring enough dowry car and gold.When i demanded to return gold they threw it on ground intimidating my mother abd making me write in white paper everything is given back.My 2400 gm gold and 10 lakh rs with them now.They refused to legally register marriage.On pressure from my side they finally registered it but in the evening my husband forecfully removed mangalsutra chain and outsted me from the in laws home as my motherinlaw, who is a retired judge told i cannot stay there as marriage is registered against her wishes and dowry demand not met.At midnight husband dropped me and thecar we gave infront of my house.Next day he called me saying he left for USA.The following week he never contacted me and never picked my call.I tried calling from a different number he picked up and said he everything is over.Soon i found my sisterinlaw removed all our marriage pictures from facebook , husband temporarily shut his fb account blocked me in all the whatsaap imo and next month in april she started writing comments and messages to all my friends colleagues that marriage is irritevably broken sorry to inform everyone they are divorced.My relatives and myself tried contacting everyone involved in the marriage but none picked my call nor ready to negotiate with us.One day sisterinlaw, a lawyer called my uncle to give consent for mutual divorce. My fathers health deteriorated after being verbally abused and he passed away in may leaving me and my mother helpless.Now i got IFS in civil service exam.I filed a 498 a case and fir registered against husband, motherinlaw and sisterinlaw and recorded audio and video of this. FIR is registered against them but because of their influence with police and judiciary and lawyers ,my motherinlaw retired judge and lawyer daughter i am unable to get justice and police didnot proceed with the case saying husband is on USA. My inlaws said they are ready for mutual divorce but since they are judge and lawyer i do not trust them nor their verbal promises.They are not ready to intiate any proceedings for divorce nor they are ready to come for a settlement nor telling me an exact date to file for mutual divorce. they just want the case to be withdrwan and he gets his visa and fly back to USA.Can he get divorce in USA?Since i have limited and fixed leave period during my training period ido not have any option infront of me.My husbands visa expires on September ,2016 but he will not come till i leave for my training in August 18.So what all options are left for me.I do not wish to continue this relationship but they are lawyers and am afraid to go for a mutual settlement with provisions against me. What is the best way to put an end to this matrimony since my husband never communicates with me for last 6 months and he said marriage is over nor the in laws are telling whether they are ready to come for mutual divorce. Their verbal assurances are just like the tricks they did for the marriage to happen.Also my husband is in a live in relationship in USA but i have no evidence to prove this.Kindly guide me