Transfer certificate

Hi, my wife has had an argument with me and uniamously decided to move the daughter to other city. The current school requires that the application for transfer certificate gas to be signed by both parents which I refuse to do so for obvious reasons. Is there a way that my wife could still get the TC from current school? Also the new school has accepted false information and admitted my daughter. How can I challenge them? My wife doesn't stay in the new jurisdiction not she has a address proof for the new residence. Also I suspect she must have mentioned that either I'm dead/expired or we are separated. In such a case how long will the new school wait before cancelling the admission? Can I sent a petition - Injunction (to stop) to change school? How effective it is? Can my wife not accept it and contest it. Child has already lost 2 months of schooling in current school and due to adamancy of my wife, homely discussion have reached no conclusion. Also wife has no source if income in new city. Please advise.