Parking inconvenience at apartment

Dear Layer, I am living in an apartment at Bangalore from past five years, as we had a small car though the parking is not at convenient location we dint face much issue with the parking all these days. Recently we brought new car and when I park new car in the allotted parking it blocks access to our neighbor so, I have submitted a request letter to association to swap car parking with reserved parking which is not used much and is lying deadly. But when I attended meeting after submitting letter the association rejected my request by giving excuse stating that there are other people also asking for swap so they can’t swap reserved parking which I felt does not make sense as. 1. The reserved parking rarely used (not fully utilized) which in turn resulting in less appreciable income to the committee. 2. As there are already previous requests in a span of 5 years for swap, such request continue to come in the coming years as well. 3. I assume the points mentioned above might not be convincing\appropriate every time to reject the request as association should provide convenient parking facility to owner as it is not utilized much (Through the year been used hardly twice or thrice) From this I requested to rethink the thought that is with management as is not beneficial either to residents or association and to provide convenient parking facility instead of going unused. Even after multiple requests association rejected my request. How can I legally move to get proper parking allocation from the association ? Thanks, Sunil M