Want to File 182 and Police complaint

Hi Members, Our marriage happened on 22 feb 2014. We have no kids. Also wife is not having physical relation with me from last 5-6 months as she has not attachment or interest in me now. My Wife once meet to a muslim guy without my information 7-8 months ago while our religion is hindu. When she reached home i saw gift in her hand and i was confirmed she cheated on me. I asked her with whom she was, then she told me she went to meet a guy without my info. In anger i called that guy and asked him she is married why you are following her. He said i love her, if you will give divorce then i will marry her. One of her female friend is also picking or helping her to meet that friend. I also told her mother about this but she didn't try to much give good consultation to my wife. After that incident, my wife was not very attracted to me and she avoided relation with me and she avoided to have kids, Our relation ws going bad to worse. She want to go movies with his friends without i bening involved and meeting her friends. So i think she had a affair or too much attachment with that guy. Due to this only our relation is breaking now. Now her parents involved and they are supporting their daughter. But i want Divorce. Firstly i have put section 9 A after their parents came to my house blaming me and abuses me and threatening me and my parents. Then i filed section 9 A against them and written my wife is not in my control. She has taken all jewellary and not living with me now. Now they have put false Domestic violence case against me and family. Infact i have never beat her any time and she named my mother and brother in DV while we are living in nuclear family in Delhi. Anyway it happens. Now i want to put police complain again that Guy and her Female Friend that they have picked my wife and tried to seduce her and they both destroyed my life. I want both of them to harass for destroying my life. Can i file complain against them. I will try to take call details of my wife and that guy by some means. Can i file Police complaint against both of her so called friends. Also can i file secion 182 against my wife and her parents for Filing False complaint as she named my brother, COusin and Mother in DV while we are living in Nuclear family in Delhi. Secondly they have put false date when my wife left home for living separate. We went from Delhi to hometown on 14 May and i have the ticket proof. While her parents showed in Complaint that my wife start living separate from 13 May which is wrong. Also they have written wrong statement in their complaint about Jewellary.