False criminal case while i am staying and working away from home

I was working in one of best private Firm as Engineer approx 1800 km away from my home. One day my neighbor (In my home town ) filled my name is false criminal case stating that i am involved in fight with them. That time i was not present in my home town and i was working in my company which is far far away form home town. After knew this information i submitted one letter from my company to home Police station and requested them to remove my name from the criminal case. Police inspector informed he will remove my name. Suddenly i got information after 10 month, my name is appearing in the case and warrant may be issued against me. Now i am working in Government sector and right now under probation . It is very much difficult for me to go to home town to resolve this issue.Can any one suggest me how to resolve this issue without travelling to home town and without affecting my job. And can i take any action against that person who put my name in criminal case by knowingly i am not staying in home town and i am not involved.