Wife harassing

Hi My divorce petition against my wife has been rejected and her conjugal rights case was rejected too. I'm in the process of appealing against it. She is suicidal and tried to commit suicide twice in my home. I filed case against her on the grounds of mental cruelty. And it got rejected saying not enough proof and that she was not hospitalised etc. Now she is coming weekly to my home which is in my dad's name and threatens us saying a woman can make us suffer etc and brought an order against domestic violence today. She don't stay there. When she came other weeks she come with my daughter who is 4 years old and thus my parents give her food etc. And don't say anything. She came this morning with interim order against protection against domestic violence. 1) Can she do this without any sort of domestic violence against her by myself or family. 2)She is threatening to come and stay in my parents house where I stay too. Can she do this? 3) what can I file against her for producing this false accusation of domestic violence? I'm based in kerala. Please advise. All this is causing so much mental pressure for me and family. This is the reason why I filed for divorce because she used to mentally torture me constantly with suicide threats.