My marriage is 6 months old. I want to file for divorce.

My marriage is 6 months old. I am 32 years old and my wife is 28 years old. She is an MSc (presently unemployed) and I am an engineer working in the public sector and earning around Rs 75000 per month in hand. (Rs 1 lac per month average considering bonus and some yearly incentives). My liabilities are Rs 30000 EMI (Housing Loan +Personal Loan for marriage) Now my problems are as follows: 1. My wife is suspected of having Borderline Personality Disorder though not proven. She remains angry and irritated all the time with highly uncontrollable emotional outbursts without any warning. She is addicted to shopping and presently shops more than Rs [deleted] minimum per month on clothes and accessories alone (inspite of having over 500 (five hundred) pairs of shoes/slippers and thousands of dresses. I live in a remote area and so weekend trips to nearby towns and cities for food and entertainment cost me another Rs 7000-Rs 10000 per month.I am getting into a debt trap now as her head is filled up with shopping and nothing else. Moreover, if she wants something, she wants at the moment. If i say her to purchase it next month, she creates a ruckus and criticizes me that I don't give her anything. 2. I met her through a matrimonial site and gave her commitment to marry as she was very beautiful. (without properly knowing her). I married her within 1 year of meeting her. In the past 1 and half years that i have known her, I have spent over Rs 3 lakh on her just for gifts/demands etc (EXCLUDING all marriage and honeymoon expenses). But she still complains that i don't give her enough and creates a ruckus. 3. I have to hear emotional abuse all the time. She accuses me of having extra marital affairs whenever i don't give her any money. She is very arrogant of her looks and unbelievably selfish. She shouts so much at home that I have become a laughing stock at my circle.I am really fed up with all these and feel that I have been cheated. 4. She comes from a normal middle class family. However, her friends are very rich and so she tries to imitate their lifestyle thinking little about own finances.She knows only to demand money and nothing else. I am getting exhausted from her continuous quarrels. I am thinking for divorce as I have no other way left now. (Even giving her alimony may be less than what i am spending on her right now i believe) Kindly advice on what to do? When will i be granted divorce and what may be the approximate alimony amount?