Female employee transfer plea denied due to SBI merger

Hi All, I am Muslim religion female; working at one of the associate SBI bank as an officer. I had requested management for my transfer to a safe city as currently I am at a city where I found many religion based ignorance / abuse. I stay almost 1000 KM far from my family and being single; I requested to get transferred to any metro city which has good connectivity to my native and safe for female employee. Currently routine transfers are in process but those who do not have personal relation to top management are not getting any of support and association are over ruling govt. guidelines of female transfer process. Reason to un-humanitarian policies over transfer are being denied mentioning SBI merger to associates, which is completely wrong when it comes to associate banks; as SBI has clear policies over female employee. I would like to know how this can be taken further to stop over guidelines of Financial Services under the Finance Ministry has advised public sector banks to adopt ‘Preferential Transfer Policy’ for the women employees circular from Ministry (F.No.4/9/1/2014-IR). Thanks-