Employee security bond

Hi I am Jayashri ,from Bangalore. Now located at japan. I was working with one of the software company in Bangalore, while joining the company I signed for 3 years bond with company and give 50 thousand 4 checks which sums up for 2 lakh. I worked in that company for around 1 and half year and quit it because of my marriage. And I moved to japan since my husband was working there. I have asked for long leave in my company but they were not ready to give so I quit it without completing the exit formalities. After that I stopped payment for the 4 checks which I have given to company. Company has tried to put that check into the bank. Since I stopped the payment, they have sent notice from lawyer saying that you have violated the company bong and you have to pay 2 lakh rupees or we are going to put 138A case on me. So please suggest me what I can do here. I have asked for settlement with company by paying one lakh but they are not ready for it and I do not have any earnings here. Thank you in advance.