Harrasment by wife for separation

I am well settled married since the last 13 years, we are blessed with a son and daughter aged 11 and 9,, at the time of marriage we used to live in a very big own house in a decent colony along with my mom dad and my younger brother who is mentally retarded 80% and completely dependent on my parents at that time,,five years back my father passed away and myself along with my diabetic mother look after my brother whose lately suffered from parlasys waist down and he needs even more care ,most of the time my mother looks after him 24*7,,my mother and my wife since beginning did no go along well and they needed frequent counselings,,by my family elders ...at this junction she is asking me to get separated from my mother and live somewhere to which i am not agreeing, i further state that i had frequent spats with my wife in this issue,,,,she has started to harass me stating that she would book a dowry case against me and my mother,i have taken good care of my wife,taken heron many voyages tours and pilgrimages by air rail and road,i tried to counsel her but she is abundant on her decision ,,i love my family a lot plz advise