Interest charged on a closed agri gold loan

Dear sir, I took an agriculture gold loan rs.130000/_from sbt adimali idukki,in 2012,for doing agriculture and I paid all amount before due date. I renewed the loan for rs.121000 for one more year, as my crops harvest was bad. In 2014 I closed the loan and now I have no loan with them. Now the bank has called my wife and threatened to pay Rs.5849 else they will go for revenue recovery for collecting the interest subsidy they could not approved from govt. The bank is saying this is a new rule by govt. The reason for rejection of interest subsidy was non submission of land tax receipt. But when I took the loan,I clearely mentioned that I am not able to submit land tax receipt as I am not holding any tax paid land in my name. I residing in idukky district of kerala and I have 2.5 acres of land which has only posession certificate.(no pattah). Since last six months the bank is calling me for repay the interest subsidy they passed on me, while I closed the loan.Now they are saying they will proceed for revenue recovery. Is it possible to do so? Do I have any right to do not pay the additional interest charged on a closed gold loan? Please advice. Binu baby