False dv case

Hi I was married 2 years ago and from the day one, my wife started misbehaving with me & with my family members. She also told us that she don't want to marry but she says yes just in the pressure of her parents. Moreover she is very arrogant, short tempered & violent. She always finds the ways to quarrel with me and then call to her parents saying false statement that i don't love her & we don't want her to live in our home. Her parents & brother never listen to us but starts shouting on us and bring her daughter every time with them. Every time when we don't receive any call or message from them so we do the call or message to them or many time bring her back. In Dec 15 we were blessed with a baby boy and when we bring her back from hospital she started quarrelling with us again with no reasons and after 10 days of child's birth she started her drama again by calling her parents and and and they take her to their home again. Again after 15 days we bring her back but after 10 days she again left by calling her father and also said that the child is not yours. From that day we decided all our relative & neighbours suggested that every time she left the home with her wish there is no fault by your side so now this time don't bring her back. Now let her come with her own wish only if she want to live with you so we never visited her parents home from that day and we also don't receive any call or message from there side till date. The main thing is that from the first day she doesn't want to live with me but forcing me to say that i don't want to live with her. All our neighbours knows the story of our home and all are with us knowing that we are true. Now she had filed the case of 125 CRPC & Domestic Voilence against me and my family with so many false allegations. We are too much harassed by this and very depressed. I have filled the case under Sec 9 RCR and also sent many persons after this to sit outside & settle the matter. But all her family is arrogant & have ego problem. They want us to dance on her daughter's desire and their main motive is our money & property. So please suggest what should we do. My father is a Govt employee and we are too much afraid, depressed & harassed specially my father for fearing of loss of his job after these kind of false cases. Can my parents file any case against her for harassing them in false cases?