Objection by VDA, Varansi regarding Road widing area

I own a property at Sigra varanasi,UP purchased a land in 1983 and build half portion of Ground Floor in year 1990 after approval from VDA and In 2014 have started building other half and First Floor, while these VDA has objected and noticed to not to make and to file New map for approval, we have submitted new map got approval but in these map we have to show Road widening area in new map as per laws and norms of VDA, as per these we have to Demolished our old house front area by 2.65 mt which we have not done, we would like to know whether it is essential to demolished our old boundary and house which comes in Road widening area or is there any way which we can save, our house is situated in lane street about 12 ft and all the houses in that lane are covering all the area upto there boundary, VDA is telling that you have to demolished you area as per new map norms, we would like to know whether we can save our old house and boundary which comes in Road widening area or not if not whether VDA will provide us compensation for our property and is there any legal remedy to save it,please advice