Payment of vehicle amount to the owner, stolen from me

I am a student studying first year BBA, my friend studying MBA in same college gave her scooty to me for parking in my building. She gave the key to me and i used it for a week. One night it got stolen from the same building, and the vehicle doesn't have theft insurance. We hav mad the FIR. We didnt get the scooty back. She bought a secondhand streax for 25000. I have already paid her 14000 but now she is asking for the rest amount which i dont have and am not capable of giving, which i think i dont need to pay because she was the one who asked for the permission to park in my area and i never askd her the vehicle. Later her friends came to me saying you should pay the rest amount 11000 in time and started giving small threats like we would have already complained if it was someone else. As if theyll complaint if i dnt giv back the amount. I'm really helpless and i cant pay her coz i think its not required and i dont have any money anymore. So what are the worst possible outcomes i could expect and what are the solutions for it.