Recovery agents from few banks have messed life badly..

I am a businessman from Chennai, have been using credit cards for past 20+ years, but only during last 5-7 months of time (facing financial crunch due to clients issues) and for same reasons couldnt clear dues on my cards. As i have to maintain factory labours costs and personal family. Recovery agents are coming along with bank managers to recover dues (I am suprised, as this is happening with all banks) Unsure if they are officially appointed as legal managers or carrying fake id. Need your help and suggestion.. I am not seeing any income for next 50 days max, for same reasons we have sold our land (I am expecting amount to get this month, but still to be on safer side I assume 50 days max.) Any suggestions to get rid from Recovery Agents.. Need your help on same.. As this recovery agents directly visit office/home without prior notice.. I read laws and stuff, but today they called my wife's number and abused her.. which cannot be tolerated.. I will be making entire payment to said banks.. as this recovery agents are forcing to settle (unsure why, which will surely hamper my credit history).