Denial of mediclaim based on wrong classification of disease and

Subject: Claim 92359194 under 121200. –wrongful Denial of mediclaim after 2.5 months Claim No: 92359194 MAID: [deleted] Policy: 121200. Period: [deleted] to [deleted] After sitting more than 2.5 months, Medi Assist TPA, New India and Aditya Birla Insurqance Brokers add that it is a tailor made policy and it is arthritis. Infliximab therapy is widely used in hematologic malignancies. Clinical studies have shown that TNF-? inhibition with etanercept (recombinant soluble TNF receptor) and infliximab (a chimeric human/ murine antibody to TNF-?) may have activity in MDS. while infliximab might represent a promising agent with therapeutic activity in both MDS and AML, potential toxicities associated with this drug might warrant further assessment of its safety profile in specific subpopulations. They have earlier settled 13 cases for the identical diseases. They deny to subscribe to the views of FDA, American College of Rheumatology, EULAR, Medical Council of India, Drug Controller General of India,MD Anderson Cancer Center and Union Ministry of Health inter alia for their review, as they are the ultimate internationally accredited authority . Time is the essence of the subject matter as a critical treatment - Myelodysplastic syndromes , gets stuck with all potential costs to all parties concerned. The contributory delay in adhering to IRDA guideline causes a heartburn. Kindly advise - as I have missed July treatment target