Ipc 302 & 201

Hallo sir My younger brother who was married to a Congo girl and they were living together in Hyderabad.but their personal life was not going on right direction.her wife was not even caring for child.5 July 2016 they had some argue and and fight at home .accidentally that Congolian girl was died.my brother was so afraid and he chopped her body in pieces.after that he went to burn her body.but the villagers catch him and handover to the police.he confess the crime.and he said he did all for her daughter.bcz his wife was in a relationship with a foreigner and she was planning to go there in France with their child.but my brother said if she want to go France she can go alone but she started fight.during this fight accidentally she died.now the police has file the case under section ipc 302,201. Can u Pls tell us what will happen in this .and can he get the bail..? And what type of punishment he will get.?.my brother's track record is very clean and the police also confirm with our relatives and neighbours and friend..police did not found any negative track record .pls help us.we are totally helpless in this sitchuation....waiting for your call...thank you ( Bhavna varyani )[deleted].