My inlaws forced and brain wash to my husband to Get divorce to

Hello sir i am married women age 36 years my marrige held on dec 14 And now i am mother of one in laws Lived in there own house. And my husband worked in mumbai my in laws never wants that me and my husband live together and start our own fly. They emotionally tortured and forced my husband to give divorce to me i have one child and i living with my parents after in laws create misunderstanding between us and Told my husband never give any amont to me and for my child .they emotionally torture to my husband and my husband ready to do what my in laws want my inlaws also pressure for divorce and remarrige for my husband. I m mentally torture too because i have one child he is one year old we both of them wants support from my husband but my inlaws doesnt ,this is second marriage of my husband. And first marrige of my husbanddestroy by his inlaws specially mi mother in law is worst lady she used abusive words she misbehave me everytime when we live together ..she wants to harm my baby when mybaby is in womb.. I want to live with my husband and starts my fly but his mother torture and forced him to stay from me and my child. I really get tired from her behaviour . And dont want to live with his parents.. Please suggest me what can i do because i dont want to leave or divorece to my husband ..