Mynwife not allowing to fly to my home country - I am OCI

I got married in India in 2009 to an Indian girl - She's grabbed by her shrewd tactics all my money/properties - I need go back ASAP - She is threatening me by telling me you have to arrange food/lodging/ maintenance and then go she has already my expensive flat in her name by a Gift Deed. She is just trying to make me her puppet, since day 1 and talking all sorts of thing - I have to meet this NGO - talk to these people - confirm her security etc - Just harassing me day & night - with a plea of sqeezing more money from me - I booked flight for 19Aug - She is telling she will not allow me to go - what can see do. Can she hide my Passport? or call hger friends to restrict my movements. What is the best way I can handle - I am very soft person and she's exploited me financially - and made my stay like a puppet in the flat that I purchased & now in her name. - I can't tolerate/sustain thsi - Please rescue me - What can do - Should I still be ready to catch the flight on 19th - but very troubled in my mind thinking unnecessary drama created by her