High rent, no PAN card and landlord forcing to increase or vacate

I am staying in a rent house where i am paying high rent and given increment till last year. Since i am salaried person and need to show the rent bills for tax saving, I need to give Owner's PAN card number to avail tax benefit. But he is refusing to give due to which i could not able to show the rent more than 8K and almost more than 20K tax got deducted. So this year i told i am already paying high rent compare to others in the same building whom you have rented ( 3BHK 11K, myself 2BHK 14K) and on top of that due to PAN card details not provided i had to pay more tax which was supposed to be paid from owners side. So clearly told this year i cannot increase my rent and also next year if i have to increase the rent then PAN card details needs to be given so i can save my tax. Now i have made the admission into school nearby and i cannot vacate the house until this whole year until school holidays comes. Later i can plan to change the house and as well as school accordingly. Now he is keep asking to vacate the house or increase the rent. Please give any suggestion what can be done in this case.