Divorce processo by NRI

My son got married on 25th April 2013 .on 6th March ,his wife came to her parents directly at yamuna nagar,haryana .we are living at ghazia bad .my son also was to come to India because she was interested to do a job in india , so, my son got transfer.they sold maximum domestic goods also.they could come together, but she got her ticket booked one month beforewithout his consent .After coming to her parents , she phoned to my son that she would not live with him even after his coming to India. After wards , she filed a police complaint alleging that he beats her, demand dowary of rs 20 lac and her in laws had given duplicate/IMPURE jewellery at the time of marriage etc etc. Police is investigating and yet to submit report. In the meanwhile, she has now reached in US manipulating on dependent VISA .I would like to add that we were blessed with a grand daughter who was born in US on 13th Nov 2014.now she is approximate 1.5 year old and is with her mother. she says that she has come for compromise but has some conditions for which my son is not agree . My son wants unconditional compromise subject to withdrawal of all complaints. So , he has decided for divorce. Kindly, advise whether she can do some harm on account of daughter born in US or she can take some shelter on her behalf.or additional favour. We would like to clear you that we are ready to take care of grand daughter happily